la mariposa margarita truck



For Margarita Lovers of Longmont, CO

La Mariposa Mexican Restaurant and Margarita House has been proudly serving northern Colorado, it's authentic Mexican cuisine and margaritas for the over 33 years. Family owned and operated locations in the cities of Longmont, Greeley and Lyons, the Cervantes Family takes pride in their hard work and accomplishments. Once upon a tima, a small mom and pop start-up kitchen, has now become a staple of Mexican food in Colorado. 

2020 has been a year that will soon not be forgotten. A global pandemic has brought sickness and hardship to our families, friends and struck the world a mighty blow in its economy and way of life. What were once restaurants full of life, music, warmth and people enjoying wonderful food and drinks. Have all but become dark, empty buildings where remaining staff and customers can only but wave through a pexiglass or window.

If our customer can't come and enjoy their favorite margaritas..... then we take the margaritas to them!

Colorado officials passed Sb-20-213, which makes it possible to deliver alcohol in a sealed container with a food sale. This created opportunity, jobs and thus, an idea was born.. a "MARGARITA TRUCK!" Now its possible to safely deliver La Mariposa's Margaritas to customer homes. Before customers would visit La Mariposa, now... La Mariposa visits them!


These are exciting news! A brand new service with endless possibilities during these trying times! La Mariposa reminds everyone to drink responsibly and not to forget when La Mariposa Margarita Truck delivers, to yell "Salud" and enjoy!